Wow, I certainly got a lively and mixed response from my last blog post about the current state of affairs.

Lori kindly sent me a video presenting opposing ideas. I watched her video with interest. She invited me to tell her “my side.”

That’s an interesting notion . . . my side. Her question gave me pause to consider, what is “my side”, since I hadn’t really felt that I had one.

Though professionally, I have been helping people to lose weight, stop smoking and find freedom from pain and addiction, for the last thirty years, in over 75 hospitals, first and foremost, I consider myself to be a “spiritual guide and healer.”

I think if we look deeply at the events of this planet, we can see that humanity is in a deep spiritual crisis.

People from all over reach out to me daily seeking help with their struggles with low self esteem, unhappy relationships, financial issues, obesity, diabetes, heart disease, addiction, depression, anxiety and all sorts of physical pain.

I am an advocate for health—which to me includes the health of not only our bodies, but our minds, emotions and spirit.

Having used hypnosis and behavior modification to help over 100,000 people break free from addiction, I am well aware that one of the greatest keys to health and happiness is maintaining a deep connection with our own subconscious mind, heart and spirit.

At the deepest level, beneath all the pain and suffering each of us endures, we—meaning all of humanity—are One. That often sounds like a cliché, but it is so much more than that. It’s the feeling of being alone and separated that can be most painful.

Collectively, humanity is affected by the tides of the ocean, group consciousness and the movement of the moon. Yet, in our individuality and in this physical world, we bump up against one another.

The challenge I’ve discovered in my own life is that much of our pain comes from other people. Yet, the irony is that most of our true joy and moments of bliss are also encountered when we come into union with our fellow humans.

Life is not for the weak. It requires constant resilience. As a first generation American myself, who witnessed so much suffering for my Jewish parents—my father a Russian born immigrant whose family escaped Ukraine, leaving behind all their money and belongings, and my mother—a German born Holocaust survivor, I know this well.

I understand the sentiment that each of us creates our own reality and that hard work and perseverance are the answers to achievement. Rena and Barry in Norway

Ultimately each of us is responsible for our own actions and choices. Lori pointed out to me, in response to my article, that “we make decisions that set things in motion.” Agreed.

In December, I went to a Women’s Conference with my daughter and one of the speakers was an astrology expert. We listened with intrigue as she informed us that “2020 is going to be one of the darkest years in history.”

I shiver as I recall her eerie statements, how she was quickly removed from the stage amidst nervous giggles from the audience about her “throwing a wet towel of negativity on our joyful gathering,” and the subsequent turn of events since her ominous delivery.

We have become more divisive than ever. We blame one another for our pain and misfortune.

What if everything each of us is experiencing individually and all that we are going through collectively were a gentle nudge from our Spirit saying, “It’s time to re-evaluate and prioritize. Open your heart. Forgive. Release. Breathe. Trust.”

It’s interesting that the only defense against Coronavirus at the current time is to make ourselves stronger and build our immunity.

We know the mind and body are connected. If you doubt that, just imagine sucking a lemon and notice your mouth is puckering!

If our minds are filled with angry, blaming, critical, judging thoughts, whether towards ourselves or others, how are we going to stay strong enough to beat COVID-19 or any other health disorder that comes down the pike?

If everything is connected—every thought and every action—then how can we stay divided and conquer one of our greatest threats right now—the threat of an immune system so weak, it can not fight off illness and disease?

If I had to pick a “side,” I’d say that I am on the side of humanity.

Let us come together as brothers and sisters with different mothers and different fathers—many of whom we may not particularly like—and fight together for our survival, with cleaner water, healthier foods, tools to maintain a fit strong body, a more enlightened mind, and a closer, more humble and grateful relationship with our Spirit.

To Your Health & Happiness Always,


Janece before and after

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