So, you’ve finally made the decision to quit smoking?

Millions of people around the world turn to cigarettes as a quick solution for built-up stress. Cigarettes may be an effective short-term fix, but in the long-run, they do irreversible damage to the body. According to studies, smoking causes 15,000–22,000 lung cancer deaths in the USA every year.

As easy as it is to smoke, it’s that much harder to quit. The addiction to nicotine causes cravings which make smoking cessation such a tall task.

If you’re looking to quit smoking for good, try the following:

1. Make a ‘Quit Plan’

Every smoker is different. Some are better at controlling their cravings than others. Ex-smokers with more willpower are able to quit smoking much more quickly than those who don’t have it.

Those who’re struggling to quit can try their hand at making themselves a Quit Plan. Quit Plans usually involve slowly cutting cigarettes from your life until you no longer need to smoke at all.

Chain smokers may need to include nicotine replacement therapy in their Quit Plans.

2. Avoiding Smoking Triggers

There are different reasons as to why people smoke. Many usually start in social situations and others do it to alleviate stress.

To quit smoking, you’ll need to identify what your smoking triggers are, so you can take steps to avoid them.

Have friends that smoke? Try staying away from them until you get a better grip on your cravings. Do you smoke when you’re bored? Find ways to keep yourself busy.

3. Stay Positive

One of the biggest reasons people keep going back to cigarettes is because they don’t know how to cope with stress or negative emotions.

There are much better ways of managing stress and depression than to puff on a cigarette. Find ways to keep yourself in a positive mindset so you don’t feel the urge to grab a cigarette pack every time you feel low.

4. Hypnosis

Hypnosis is finally being recognized for its many medical benefits. Hypnosis programs seek to rewire the brain. Hypnosis sessions build negative associations with smoking and encourage you to make healthier choices in your life to enhance well being.

While other smoking cessation methods rely on willpower and determination, hypnosis can make it an almost involuntary task by reprogramming your thinking patterns so your mind no longer considers smoking an option.

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