• To enhance your success make a conscious decision to eat healthfully: fresh vegetables, high-quality protein, and complex carbs (see The Right Weigh, Hay House Publishing, by Rena Greenberg).
  • Avoid junk food and highly processed foods, especially sugar and white flour foods.fruits-and-veggies
  • Eat only when you are physically hungry and just enough to satisfy your physical hunger.
  • Don’t skip meals. Tune in and notice when you are physically hungry. Feed yourself healthfully, as you would feed a baby.
  • Avoid deprivation by enjoying the healthy, water-rich foods that you are eating. Make sure there is enough healthy fat (olive oil, nuts, seeds) in your diet to satisfy and nourish you.
  • Take a walk and enjoy nature. Breathe deeply.
  • Spend some quiet time by yourself, preferably listening to Rena’s permanent weight loss with self-hypnosis CDs (visit EasyWillpower.com)



  Shake concentrate bottle well. Upon arising, take one capful of Slender Cider
and mix it with 8 oz. water or juice and drink or sip it.

  1. Move your body.
  2. Wait 30-45 minutes and eat breakfast, preferably a healthy, whole-grain carbohydrate or protein, nutritious food.
  3. Before lunch, take 1-2 tablespoons of Slender Cider and mix it with 8-12 oz. water or juice and drink it, or sip Slender Cider mixed with water throughout the morning (in your FREE Slender Cider Drinking Bottlewalking in nature
  4. Eat a healthy lunch, preferably vegetables or salad with protein and only complex carbohydrates.
  5. Before dinner, take 1 tablespoon of Slender Cider and mix it with 8 oz. water or juice and or sip Slender Cider mixed with water throughout the afternoon and evening (in your FREE Slender Cider Drinking Bottle).
  6. Eat a healthy dinner, preferably salad or veggies with high-quality protein and only complex carbohydrates.
  7. Before bed, close your eyes and imagine your perfect life – you the hero or heroine of your mental movie in great physical shape, healthy, active, smiling, contributing, and living your best life.  Fill your mind with positive, uplifting thoughts.
  8. Optimal health is a mind-body effort.  You must continue to take Slender Cider regularly in order to achieve the physical benefits.
  9. Add Slender Cider to your daily health regime and let taking Slender Cider to become a positive habit for you. . . It can truly change your life. . . Think of Slender Cider as a health tonic.
  10. You don’t have to feel like you’re on a diet to lose weight. Dieting leads to deprivation. Instead, start eating healthier foods and eating only when you are physically hungry. Imagine that you prefer eating delicious, woman with fruits and veggiesunprocessed, whole foods, as much as possible.
  11. Instead of thinking about whether a food is good or bad, remind yourself of its effect on you. Ask yourself whether it’s worth putting food in your system that will make you crave more of it.
  12. Plan ahead. Keep healthy, high-protein snacks and your Slender Cider drinking bottle with you throughout the day.
  13. When you are considering eating something, stop, take a deep breath and decide, “Is a moment’s pleasure on the tongue worth the physical, mental and emotional pain that being overweight and feeling out of control brings?”
  14. Affirm that you are in control of your life and your eating habits!


Slender Cider assists you by removing toxins from your body, alkalinizing, restoring your health, energy, and vitality, and helping you to crave healthier foods—making it easier to be active, eat healthfully and lose weight. Slender Cider aids you in getting the body you desire and deserve, making it easier for you to succeed.

Imagine—in as little as a few days or weeks, you could be on your way to having the body you want. You’ll notice an increase in energy and a natural change in your eating habits.Green Slender Cider and Slender Cider bottles

Imagine feeling great – fully alive, enjoying improved health – having a happy, loving relationship with food and with yourself – Isn’t it time to stop struggling and being preoccupied with your weight?


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