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From Feeling Fat to Feeling Fabulous . . . A True Story . . .

Do You Suffer from Feelings of Frustration, Feeling Like a Failure Because You Are OVERWEIGHT?

Hi, I’m Rena Greenberg – International Hay House and McGraw-Hill weight loss author, healthy eating advocate and

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Rena Greenberg, Creator Slender Cider

hospital-based weight loss educator since 1990. If you’re feeling fat and frustrated, I know how you feel because I felt the same way. For the longest time, I was addicted to sugar and especially processed carbs, and feeling discouraged.

It’s so hard to stick to a diet or an exercise program consistently because there’s a voice in the back of your head that says, “I want to eat what I want!” or “This is hard.” It’s so easy to stay stuck!

Dieting feels painful and slow and you crave and desire too much food or the wrong foods. Going to the gym feels like a chore! You may even have tried diet pills but they don’t work over the long run, plus they’re unhealthy.

Honestly, I was tired of the whole yo-yo.

I discovered that you can lose weight easily and effortlessly and feel healthy and energized. Now, I actually crave and prefer healthy foods, without feeling deprived. I actually look forward to physical activity each day. I found that it’s easy to lose excess weight and keep it off once you are on the right track.

The real secret, besides changing your mindset, was that I found the exact combination of healthy foods and therapeutic, medicinal herbs that taste good and when taken together, create balance so you’re not as hungry anymore and you feel more energized.

After helping over 100,000 people to lose weight in 75+ hospitals, and struggling with my own huge sugar and carb addiction, I developed a secret, ingenious formula.  Slender Cider is a natural, healthy therapeutic, premium, organic herbal combination concentrate that makes weight loss not only achievable but easy, healthy, and very inexpensive.

No more struggle and no more dieting!! The best part is that the only side effect is more energy, better mood and a cleaner, healthier body on the inside!

Imagine not having to diet because you feel so energized. Imagine naturally preferring healthy food and feeling full faster so that the weight drops off – like a ripe apple dropping out of a tree and into your hand.

Not only is Slender Cider completely unique because of its superior ingredients, but it’s very inexpensive—approximately $1 per serving!

Try Slender Cider for 30 days at no-risk (read about our guarantee)

Get a jump start on transforming your body into the body you deserve, today.

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