Belly fat isn’t just a problem for overweight individuals; naturally skinny people can also have an unflattering belly bulge.

We assume that skinny people must be fit, but just because someone’s thin doesn’t mean they’re healthy. Skinny people are lean because of their genetics and fast metabolism allowing them to process food faster than others.

Because they aren’t prone to weight gain, many skinny people feel they can eat whatever they want without any consequences, but that’s not true—the proof is in the belly fat!

Here’s why you may be skinny with belly fat:


As relaxing as it may feel to wind down with a cold bottle of beer or some wine at the end of the day, if you’re consuming alcohol every day, fat will accumulate around your midriff. Research shows that consistent consumption of alcohol causes your waistline to increase.

If you’re someone who drinks alcohol every day, you need to break the habit if you want to get rid of belly fat.


It’s known that 20–30% of overweight individuals carry an FTO gene that causes them to gain weight; however, the fact that there is a gene for belly fat is lesser-known.

A study found that stomach fat was genetic. Even those with overweight families aren’t destined to be fat; they can choose to maintain a healthy diet and meet their weekly exercise requirements.


There are so many negatives to having bad posture. Not only does it make you look old, tired, unprofessional, but it’s also awful for your health. It causes misalignment in your spine and leads to pain in the back, neck, and shoulders. It also makes your belly stick out.

To check whether your bad posture is causing belly fat. Get in front of a mirror and stand with your back straight. Open up and pull back your shoulders. If your belly disappears, then you know your posture is the reason you have a bulge.


Skinny woman holding her belly.

For some people, bloating is a temporary issue that leads to constipation and gas. It could also be caused by fizzy drinks, dehydration, and lactose intolerance. Consistent bloating is an indicator of a poor diet that is high in dairy and sugary and fatty foods.

Other foods that cause bloating include beet, wheat, and beans.

If you were skinny a few years ago but are gaining a belly bulge that isn’t going away, consider trying weight loss hypnosis.

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