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Science Speaks: 5 General Health Benefits of Hypnosis


Hypnosis might sound like something out of a fantasy movie but it really isn’t.

It’s a legitimate technique with numerous health benefits. The fact that being in a hypnotic state for therapy is advantageous, is endorsed by none other than Carl Gustav Jung; one of the founding theorists for what we know as therapy today.


Hypnotherapy works by helping the client induce a state that among other things is conducive to changing deep and old set patterns of behavior.

Bariatric hypnosis programs tap in to this aspect to help clients lose weight. Similarly; hypnotherapy for anxiety or even smoking cessation makes use of the ability of hypnotherapy to facilitate what are known as corrective experiences. In other words, you’re checking the problem underlying the behavior you wish to address.

This of course is putting it extremely simply. Gastric bypass hypnosis for instance is on a whole other level in comparison to lighter programs.

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Other Benefits

Besides the immediate goal of hypnotherapy, for instance weight loss, in the case of bariatric bypass hypnosis, there are other health benefits one stands to gain from hypnosis! Here are five of them.

Relieves Pain

Hypnotherapy is known to be an effective form of pain management when it comes to certain conditions. This was thoroughly researched and proven as stated by certain sources. Unfortunately, such techniques though existent are not that widely employed. That being said, hypnosis does help reduce pain and there are many case studies pointing to much needed relief from pain, with hypnotherapy.

Hot Flashes

Most postmenopausal women are familiar with the bother better known as hot flashes. Believe it or not, regular weekly sessions with a hypnotherapist are known to reduce hot flashes by over 70%.

Sleep Regulation

This one is probably the most easy to believe given the stereotypical notion of the snarky cartoon hypnotist suggesting that his “victim” instantly drop into a slumber. The reality of it however is a little different.

A study suggests that hypnotherapy helps regulate sleep and even extends the duration one is in a certain phase of sleep. This is still being studied for possible use for treatment of insomnia and other sleep related disorders.

Quells IBS

Hypnotherapy is well known in the medical community to be an effective way to address IBS or irritable bowel syndrome. A study showed a success rate in over 50% of the female test subjects and over 70% of the female subjects suffering from the condition! Further, the positive effects of the hypnotherapy continued in an excess of 80% of the subjects even six years later. Less than 10% of those who went through hypnotherapy opted for any other additional treatment.

It’s Calming

Another wonderful benefit of hypnotherapy and hypnosis is that it soothes the nerves. It is actually so effective at doing this that it is also used to treat conditions relating to anxiety such as generalized anxiety disorder. It is now even being considered as a treatment for chronic depression which is a whole topic in and of itself!


As you can see, hypnosis and hypnotherapy are very real forms of treatment that offer numerous additional benefits. If you feel that you would want to address something about yourself that you wish to improve on or work with, we might just have the perfect solution.

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