Weigh to Freedom system – Weight Loss System That Really Works



Rena’s first weight loss system is full of hypnotic techniques and secrets to jumpstart your permanent weight loss, without dieting and with no deprivation.

Weigh to Freedom is inspired by Rena’s successful Wellness Seminar for Weight Control used by over 100,000 people, reviewed and sponsored in over 75 medical centers and offered to the employees of 100+ major corporations such as Walt Disney World, Home Depot and AT&T.

The powerful hypnotic methods Rena shares in this program will help you to lose weight, eat healthy and feel good. Lose weight easily and automatically without feeling deprived or denied, by changing the way you think about yourself and food subconsciously.  Scroll down to read more.



On this powerful 6-CD set you will learn why you have not yet been able to achieve your weight loss goals successfully.

Consciously you understand that you must eat less and exercise more but diets lead to deprivation and ultimately weight gain!! Learn to lose weight by changing your mind’s inner programming.

Weight loss can be effortless as you transform the hidden subconscious pictures in your mind that cause you to sabotage yourself. Receive three powerful hypnotic experiences including a heart-centering exercise that helps to deepen your connection to the part of you that does have the strength to make the changes you are longing for.

Break free from all obstacles and step into your new slender life! As a special bonus, we’ve included a walking CD, with upbeat music and affirmations that is sure to have you up and running!

You’ll also receive the popular Eating on The Go CD filled with fabulous ideas for incorporating healthy eating into a busy lifestyle.

    • CD One – Introduction To The Weigh To Freedom
    • CD Two – Healthy Eating on The Go
    • CD Three – Connect to Your Personal Power (Heart Centering Hypnosis CD)
    • CD Four – Breaking Free From Obstacles to Your Weight Loss(Hypnosis CD)
    • CD Five – Love Your Slender Life (Hypnosis CD)
    • CD Six – Walk that Weight Away! (Walking CD)

CD One
Introduction To The Weigh To Freedom

Free yourself forever from the conflict between consciously wanting to lose weight, while your subconscious mind wants to keep on eating the way it has in the past. Learn to harness the power of your deeper mind and heart to finally achieve what you really want: confidence, happiness and successful weight loss.

CD Two
Healthy Eating on The Go

You know that you’re supposed to eat healthier foods but it’s so much easier to just grab some greasy or sugary snack on the go. Not any more! Learn simple and effective ways to incorporate healthy eating into the busiest lifestyle. Rena’s food ideas are easy and delicious. You’ll never go back to your old, self-sabotaging ways of eating again.

CD Three
Connect to Your Personal Power (Heart Centering Hypnosis CD)

Deep within you is a deeper wisdom that can offer you all that your heart desires—when you connect with it. This heart-centering experience will take you behind any voices of doubt or fear to your greatest source of inspiration, love and freedom. Here the choices you make will naturally lead you to greater happiness and the confidence to change your eating and exercise habits.

CD Four
Breaking Free From Obstacles to Permanent Weight Loss (Hypnosis CD)

No matter what is getting in the way of your success—whether it be addiction to sweets, stress, low self-esteem, fear of failure, emotional eating, no exercise, no time, night bingeing, no support—whatever the obstacle, you can overcome it. Learn a powerful method for breaking free from any difficulty and connecting with the hidden force inside yourself that can only propel you to succeed.

CD Five
Love Your Slender Life (Hypnosis CD)

What you imagine, you can achieve. This CD will imprint on your deeper mind and heart new images of yourself at your ideal weight, fitting into your clothes comfortably, confident, happy, enjoying exercise with new eating habits. Open to new, positive possibilities for yourself and naturally step into a more beautiful experience of your life.

CD Six
Walk that Weight Away! (Walking CD)

Your walking experience will be transformed as you listen to this energizing recording of upbeat music along with powerful, life-altering affirmations. The encouraging self-talk will help transform any subconscious blocks about exercise into positive beliefs and expectations that will have you excited about your daily activity.

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