Easy Willpower Weight Loss System



Rena’s premier weight loss system, produced by Kevin Harrington, of Shark Tank.  This powerful weight loss program is based on Rena’s popular Wellness Seminar for Weight Control, reviewed and sponsored in over 75 hospitals.  Scroll down to watch amazing weight loss testimonials for this program and more information about what you get.



With Rena’s custom designed Easy Willpower System you get all of the following, Includes the entire SIT 4 Success program.  CDs/DVD sent at no additional charge upon request:
  • Instructional Introductory video (DVD available upon request)
  • 3 Subconscious Imprinting Self Hypnosis audio downloads (CDs available upon request)
  •  Affirmation Reinforcing Weight Loss Session download (CD available upon request)
  •  Walk the Weight Away downloads (CD available upon request)
  • Food Map Workbook
  • 3 Refrigerator Magnets

It’s finally here… the product our customers have been asking for:
Rena Greenberg’s at home audio and video program with Rena’s exclusive Food Map Workbook to re-program your thinking about food and your self-esteem, so that you never have to diet again!

Stop struggling with diets, pills or powders – start eating normal, delicious food and losing weight at the same time, simply by changing your subconscious mind.

Watch Rena’s instructional video, Get S.I.T. to Lose and find out how your subconscious mind has been stopping you from losing weight and keeping it off. Then find out how to change that inner programming to lose weight easily and effortlessly.

Simply listen to one of three 20 minute hypnosis re-programming audio sessions for just 30 days and you’ll find yourself pushing food away from you, preferring healthier foods, and moving your body more easily.

Some of Rena’s clients have told us, “it’s unbelievable – the weight is just coming off – I’m not even aware that I’m doing anything!”

****You’ll also receive a special bonus audio download and  CD (upon request), “Reinforcing Your Weight Loss,” which is great to listen to in the car or while you are doing other things. As you listen to the affirmations, the positive suggestions will penetrate into your subconscious mind so that your thoughts about food and yourself change! You’ll naturally find yourself eating smaller portions of healthier foods with out feeling deprived.

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