“This is Not a Diet. And I’ve Lost 45 Pounds!”

Belinda from Kansas sent me this wonderful account of her experience using my at home Gastric Bypass Hypnosis Program, along with a question that I thought is relevant for so many of us. Here’s what Belinda wrote in and my response to her:

I have been using my Gastric Surgery CD tapes since Halloween, October 31, 2016. Through Thanksgiving, Christmas, my 70th birthday and New Years Eve, I lost 45 pounds.  Pretty good, right?

When friends and acquaintances comment on my appearance I brag how easy it has been using my tapes.  I could go on and on about how good I feel, how much money I’ve saved on food and medicine. 

Then in April, I had minor surgery for Gall Bladder removal and while I have had no difficulty maintaining my weight loss for the last month, I have been remiss in following my program and have considered this a failure on my part.

However, your e-mail today about “failures” being a step closer to “goals” has certainly opened my eyes.  I have to keep telling myself that just because I have fallen in a crack does not mean I can’t crawl out.

Does everyone periodically slip or fall in the dreaded crack?  Should I analyze what happened and try to determine the “why” or just move on?  I’m afraid if I just move on, it will happen again and again.

This is not a diet, it’s a life-changing event.  I have been horribly overweight all my life. I’ve been listening to my tapes for about 6 months.  Today I decided no life changing event happens in 6 months – I need to keep listening to my tapes and follow the path to my goal.”

Here’s my response:

Wow, Belinda, Thank you for sharing your wonderful story.

Congratulations on dropping 45 pounds of pain!

That’s a lot of weight to shed and I really want to acknowledge you for that.

That’s a great question about moving on vs. analyzing why you did what you did. One thing I’d like to note is your comment, “I’ve had no difficulty maintaining my weight loss even though I’ve been remiss in following my program.”

Is it possible that following the program has become second nature and subconscious so that you don’t feel like you’re doing anything, but perhaps you are? The reason I pose this as a possibility is because your results are still where you want them to be.

If it’s not broken, why fix it? You say you feel like you’re deviating from your plan and yet your weight loss is happening and it’s easy. It’s very possible, with hypnosis, that the changes become automatic and effortless.

Staying on Track

But perhaps you’re concerned with the fact that you may not be following through by practicing your hypnosis daily. This is important because daily self-hypnosis will help to keep you on track over the long run.

The key is to establish a habit. We tend to want to repeat tomorrow the same things we did today. It takes 30-40 days to establish a habit. It’s a great idea to just commit to listening each day, at the same time of day, so that your daily self-hypnosis can become a routine.

Some self-analysis is generally a good thing, but there’s little benefit in endless self-recrimination and rumination. Look deeply and see what happened. Why aren’t you following the regime you set up for yourself?

Are you letting fatigue, emotions, or daily activities get in the way? How are you prioritizing daily vital time to connect with yourself via self-hypnosis? Or, aren’t you?

If you see that your schedule simply got interrupted when you had the minor gall bladder surgery, then see it for what it was and just move on. My recommendation is that you take a look at what happened, eyes wide open, and then simply commit to get back on track.

Don’t Look Back

Don’t look back—keep looking forward towards achieving your goal. I understand your fear that if you don’t understand what happened, you may keep slipping further and further from the goal.

The cure for this is remembering over and over the reasons you are determined to succeed and how GREAT it feels to drop those pounds. Focus on your clothes feeling looser and how you are enjoying every bite you eat, feeling satiated and fulfilled, without ever being on a diet.

You can do this!

Please comment below and let me and Belinda know about your own experiences and your thoughts about what I’ve shared.  I love connecting with all of you!!

To your Health & Happiness,

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