Do your kids want to rebel and eat junk food? Are you having a hard time keeping your child on a diet? What are the healthiest foods for you and your son or daughter?

How can you help your adult child or young child lose weight? Is your child a food addict? Does your grandchild sneak sugar and sugary foods?

How can you help your loved ones with permanent weight loss and knowing what’s the best diet?

In this captivating and informative video, together for the first time, my daughter, Jessie and I, share what it’s like to grow up with a Mom who doesn’t eat sugar and how it affected her and her food choices.

Take a look and then please comment below and share your experiences with food and eating healthy, both for yourself and your loved ones. I love to hear from you!

Mother Daughter Tips to Get off Sugar Without a Diet

To Your Health & Happiness,