All those social media trends about staying hydrated are more important for you than you realized. Far from being a fad, these trends serve as a reminder to use about what’s important—and water definitely is.

If you’re someone who prioritizes your health and wellbeing—if you’d like to live a long, healthy life, free from disease—here’s why you should drink more water.

It Suppresses the Appetite

It’s natural to wonder how water can possibly help anyone lose weight. After all, aren’t you consuming something more by drinking a lot of water?

Yes, but you’re consuming something that’s going to suppress your appetite and make you less hungry. Water can “fill” you up to the point where you wouldn’t want to eat much later—which is effective if you’re trying to restrict your diet.

Try and chug two glasses of water to see what we mean.

Waste Removal woman takes water from a tap

Water is an essential part of the body’s natural method of waste removal. Our bodies need to get rid of all the impurities and byproducts that end up due to metabolism or consumption. It’s water that leads them out. Less consumption of water can lead to the retention of these waste materials, which can have damning consequences for the human body.

You Burn Calories

Anybody who has ever embarked on a weight loss program knows that losing calories is the one way to go about it. One of the first things people take up in this pursuit is exercise, which does help. But what if we told you that you could achieve more to that end by consuming water?

Drinking more water leads to greater energy expenditure—that’s calorie loss in simpler words. Not only this, but water consumption can also help in terms of burning resting calories, something exercise won’t help you much with.

Burns Fat

Our bodies are piled with layers of fat, which, due to lack of exercise, end up leading to obesity. Carbs are a major culprit—and they need to be metabolized in order to be burned. However, this metabolic process is entirely impossible without the presence of an adequate amount of water inside the body.

Water consumption, therefore, is also directly linked with assisting fat burning, which in turn helps you maintain good health.

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