Leveraging the Power of your Brain

If you are trying to lose weight, then you know that eating healthy foods and exercise are important components of your weight-loss plan. But did you know that reaching or maintaining a healthy lifestyle happens in both your body and your mind?

If you search for  “Weight Loss” Google will turn up About 2,670,000,000 results (0.85 seconds)! There are endless programs that combined diets and exercise to help you lose weight. But still, so many people fail. Why is it that after spending lots of money and time most people give up?

Because it mostly in your mind.

Our subconscious mind holds onto beliefs, and values, you developed and learn all through life. These beliefs if negative, carry more weight and meaning than our conscious desires to be slimmer, and hinder our ability to build good habits. Even as we are consciously longing for and working toward change, we may be unconsciously apprehensive and scared about how that desired change might affect us in our lives. Successful weight-loss boils down to changing your old habits and replacing them with new habits that will transform your body. So, how do you change those habits, which are deeply ingrained in your subconscious mind?

Thinking Yourself Thin With Hypnosis

Everyone wants to lose weight, especially considering the growing obesity epidemic. But the process can be expensive and exhausting, while also necessitating a lot of determination Gastric bypass hypnosis and gastric band hypnotherapy are both effective alternatives. Of course, they aren’t surgery, which also means you can avoid an invasive procedure.

Gastric bypass hypnosis therapy is a sophisticated Hypno-gastric band procedure, and Rena Greenberg is a world-renowned practitioner. She is, in fact, one of the country’s first hypnotherapists who has successfully performed this procedure. Rena’s success with her clients is testimony to the fact that gastric bypass hypnosis works wonders. You can see in this video how effectively one of Rena’s clients lost weight simply by thinking of herself as thin.

So yes, you can definitely think yourself thin. And here’s how you begin.

Weight Loss Hypnosis Articles

Read some of our articles about how hypnosis can help you reach your ideal weight without going hungry. Rena Greenberg Health, Wellness and Weight loss expert, rated the best hypnotherapist for gastric band hypnosis, has helped over 200,000 people lose thousands of pounds, without dieting. Hypnotherapy benefits are recognized by the world of medicine, and renowned hypnotherapist Rena Greenberg has developed advanced self-hypnosis programs that deliver outstanding results. Her clients’ testimonials speak for themselves. If you are interested in starting your weight loss journey and need some help, contact Rena today to learn more.