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Are your cravings controlling your life? Does your life experience live up to the level of health, happiness and peacefulness you seek?

Perhaps in some areas of your life you already feel deep contentment, but there may be another aspect of your life that is driven by craving. Despite any of life’s challenges, you can connect to the peace that exists at your core and maintain freedom from cravings. When you get in touch with your innate goodness and equanimity, life’s difficulties no longer hinder your ability to have inner peace and the faith that something better is emerging.

Often we feel powerless over our tendency to indulge in the same unhealthy behaviors over and over. Your subconscious mind runs your life and it is set on auto-pilot.

Rather than feeling at the mercy of your subconscious, you can take great refuge in the understanding that you have the capability to re-program your own mind. Is it easy? Not necessarily. In fact, it is one of the great challenges of being alive, and yet the possibilities for growth and freedom from cravings are enormous once you face what is driving you.

The subconscious mind is programmed by the thoughts in the conscious mind. These thoughts then lead to your actions. Repetitive thoughts and behaviors become lodged in the subconscious where they become automatic.

All of our habits—whether positive or negative—have been installed into your subconscious as a direct result of previous thoughts and behaviors. These patterns of action that we often feel compelled to take seem so strong because of the momentum of the past.

If all of our undesirable behaviors, whether reaching for a cigarette, alcoholic beverage or bag of chips come from negative thoughts about our selves and our lives, is the only hope for true health and happiness to change our thinking? Yes! However, that is easier said than done.

If I told you not to think of a white elephant, what immediately comes to mind? If you try not to think about how angry you feel towards your neighbor who takes advantage of you or your boss who never gives you credit for your contribution, how successful are you likely to be?

You probably already realize that negative attitudes promote undesirable experiences in your life. Despite that understanding, do you find yourself spinning in a familiar loop of unproductive or judgmental thinking? It’s difficult not to come to the conclusion that something outside ourselves “should not be happening,” or that one person is robbing us of our happiness. This is because our conscious mind is being informed by our pre-existing wounding.

Is Your Wound Driving You?

Each of us comes into the world with a wound—it’s part of our human condition. As we go through life, difficult experiences such as being teased by other children or not getting our Mother’s attention, press upon our wounds and imbed these hurt places deeper into our psyche.

Each time we allow our wound to dictate our thinking, we are increasing our identification with it. We then begin to crave substances such as food, alcohol or drugs to relieve this pain.

At the same time, each of us also enters the world with an incredible jewel of love, more powerful than any wounding, deep in the center of our hearts. If you put your hand on the center of your chest, bow your head, and breathe deeply into this place, you can make contact with an incredible, indescribable peacefulness.

All the higher intelligence that is available through the wisdom of your heart and soul can be experienced when you spend time with your essence here. When you allow your deep heart to inform your thinking, your wound begins to heal, and your perceptions become guided by the highest intelligence available to humanity.

This intelligence is the inspired wisdom for all of creation to tap into and experience the unity of all of life, behind our individual selves. This is the place that physicist, Albert Einstein referred to as “the unified field.” Its wisdom seeks to re-inform our perceptions at any given time, but we must make the choice to listen to it. When we listen to the voice of the heart, our conscious thinking changes.

The conscious mind can be informed by the wound or by the open, loving heart that is our essential nature of goodness. When the wound informs our thoughts, the wounding is reinforced.

We may then feel compelled to block ourselves from experiencing this dark force by over-eating, over-sleeping or over-working. However, when we make the conscious choice to allow our heart to re-inform our selves, new possibilities open for us. We no longer need to be controlled by fear. We begin to feel safer whether engaging in a conversation with our spouse, parent, boss, client or child.

Staying Tuned In To Your Essential True Nature

The more we can stay attuned to our essential nature of peace, safety and love, the more this new way of relating becomes a habit. Our subconscious, computer-like mind, that is responsible for all of our habitual behavior, now perceives life through the lens of the deep heart or the voice of love as opposed to the voice of pain.

When you look at your life experience through the eye of your heart, you no longer have to force yourself to “be forgiving or grateful.” Instead, you begin to spontaneously feel more compassionate towards yourself and others.

The truth is we must make the choice over and over in each moment. You can easily determine what voice you are listening to by tuning into your body. If you feel constricted or uncomfortable, then most likely you are overly identified with the voice of pain. With this awareness, make the decision to drop your story and begin to attune to and pay attention to the voice of your heart.

Breathe deeply into the center of your chest. Ask within for a new, clearer way of perceiving what’s true. Notice the sense of relaxation, expansion and spaciousness that automatically follows your connection to your heart and soul. Make a decision to have your next action follow the voice of your heart.

Every time you do this, you strengthen your connection with your heart, and diminish your identification with your wound, and with the collective wound of humanity. Your choice to re-program your automatic thoughts through the lens of your deep heart has a direct impact on your emotional state and your behaviors and paves the way for you to live a life free of craving.

Please comment below and let me know your thoughts, experiences and questions. I love hearing from you!

To Your Health & Happiness,

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