Is Fruit Sugar Healthy?

“I was just wondering if sugar in fruits counted. And if it doesn’t, what about cane sugar, since that’s a naturally occurring / existing sugar?” asked Caryn, after I posted my last article on “Ten Ways to Melt Body Fat.”

Conflicting Advice

healthy Fruit

Here’s the issue. If you asked 10 “experts” this question, it’s likely that you’d get ten different answers. Some may say, “Yes, cane sugar and the sugar in fruit is healthy.” Others may argue that it’s important to have everything in moderation.

Many experts would believe that it’s actually good to eat plenty of fruit, since fruit is loaded with vitamins, minerals, fiber and water—all nutrients and vital components that the body requires for health, proper elimination and energy.

Still other experts are likely to say, “Absolutely, not. Sugar is sugar and it’s going to create addiction and compulsion if you have it in your body.”

The Only True Expert

My approach with Easy Willpower is to listen to none of these experts. What?! That’s right. I would take it all in, weigh the different opinions, but in the end there is only one place I would go to get that vital information. Ultimately, I would recommend that you consult and listen to the only true source of knowledge: your own inner mind and body.

Your body has an inner wisdom that will tell you and show you exactly what’s right for you, if you let it. Isn’t it time to stop listening to all the “experts” out there and to start trusting yourself?

Rena and girls self hypnosisSelf-hypnosis

offers a specific tool that I have found to be very reliable in connecting you to your deeper self that can then guide you towards knowing what’s right for you.


“Is it OK to Eat This?”

Your inner self can answer questions like, “What is the best eating plan for me?” “Is it OK to eat at night?” “How much food should I eat and what type?” “Do I need meat, chicken and fish, or would I feel better and healthier as a vegetarian?”

To answer Caryn, the astute reader who asked me about fruit and cane sugar, in my own experience, fruit sugar can be a trigger for many people.

I personally eat almost no fruit. I don’t eat any fruit on a daily basis. However, about once a week, I go on a long bike ride with my husband, and the big treat is sharing a grapefruit when we arrive at our destination—Turtle Beach. I enjoy and look forward to that grapefruit!

What Foods Increase Your Hunger/Appetite?

I don’t eat more fruit—not because it’s “bad”—but simply because I discovered a long time ago that when I eat fruit, I tend to get hungrier, in general. As far as cane sugar, that’s an absolute no for me, even if it’s organic. Sugar in any form is a trigger for me.

When I do bake, once in awhile, I will use dried fruit such as raisins or prunes as my only sweetener, and I’m still very careful about watching the quantity when eating anything sweet.


However, I do drink Slender Cider daily and that does have a very small amount of Stevia—but it’s a very pure form of the blood sugar balancing herb that goes into Slender Cider. No other “natural flavors” are in this Stevia or in Slender Cider.


What Does Meditation Have to do with it?

Trust yourself. Trust your body. Practice self-hypnosis daily to tune into your inner self and allow yourself to be guided to what’s true for you.

It’s so tempting to want someone else to tell you what to do. The problem is that it’s harder to stick with any advice over the long run because it ends up not making sense to you.

When your own body, mind and personal experience leads you to new, positive behaviors and choices, your decision is likely to be much more solid. That’s because it’s coming from within which gives you much more motivation.

Learn Your Body’s Language

So pay attention to your body. How do you feel when you eat foods with cane sugar and/or fruit sugar? Notice patterns. You may feel great initially, from the sugar high, but how do you feel later? In general, are the scale numbers going up, meaning that these foods may be intensifying your hunger or appetite? Increase your awareness.

Continue to go inside and check in with yourself every day, using the meditation and self-hypnosis tools that you have. If you are unclear, ask your body and your Higher Mind to guide and show you.

Mistakes Can Lead You to the Answer

Be patient and be willing to learn from your mistakes. That’s actually the best way to learn and it’s how I discovered the eating plan that has worked for me for the last 25+ years to keep me healthy at my ideal weight and craving-free.

I know that all the years of dieting, dealing with fluctuating weight and obsessions with food can be so deflating. But you can change that by shifting your tactics. Stop looking for some brilliant external answer. There is no perfect diet out there that someone else is going to create for you.

Look at all the sensible eating programs and learn from them. But, ultimately, the key to success is listening to your body.

A Food Plan that Works

Rena's Delicious salad

My body has taught me that what I need is protein throughout the day—chicken, fish or meat, in small portions. Lots of vegetables and salads and I have grown to absolutely enjoy them.

I’ve learned that I have to enjoy every bite I eat so I don’t crave “bad” foods. So I use cheese, nuts, seeds, avocados, flax seed oil, and extra virgin olive oil to flavor my delicious healthy food. Oatmeal is my main grain and I love it with delicious almond butter, flax seeds and sea salt.

I use Selina Natural Celtic Sea Salt because it makes my healthy food taste fabulous and it’s guilt-free. It has all the trace minerals in it.

Rena and Barry Norway

I don’t weigh or measure anything and I don’t know anything about calories. I eat when I’m physically hungry and just enough to satisfy my physical hunger. I eat no processed food (except I suppose the cheese must be processed) and I avoid all triggers (even if everyone around me is eating them; even if it’s a party).

And you know what? It’s easy! I love the way I eat. I love food. I just came back from a two-week cruise in Norway.  The whole trip was fabulous, including the food. But I actually lost weight even though I enjoyed everything I ate. I just didn’t eat any deserts or any bread. How’d I do it? Self-hypnosis makes it easy.

Step into the New You

No matter how much difficulty you’ve had getting this food thing right so you can live happily and healthfully, at your ideal weight, know that it’s never too late to change your eating habits. You can break your attachments to the wrong foods.

What I love about hypnosis is that it lets you tap into the power of your subconscious mind to re-write the script.

You can become a person who “used to be out of control with food,” but no longer carry that identity. Your new identity can easily switch to someone who is strong, confident and in control of his or her habits.

Release your doubt, fear and negativity and embrace your faith, hope and the immense spiritual support that is here for you when you tap into it. You can do it!

To Your Health & Happiness Always,


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Rena Greenberg has had the privilege over the last 25+ years to work with over 100,000 people in 75 medical centers to help them lose weight without surgery.

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Gwen Legters says August 12, 2015

I rally enjoyed your blog today. Always good, and the concept of listening to your body resonated with me. Thank you for your intuitive comments and example.

    RENA GREENBERG says August 17, 2015

    Thank you, Gwen! Wonderful to hear from you!

LINDA says August 13, 2015

“Stop looking for some brilliant external answer. There is no perfect diet out there that someone else is going to create for you.Your new identity can easily switch to someone who is strong, confident and in control of his or her habits.
Release your doubt, fear and negativity and embrace your faith, hope and the immense spiritual support that is here for you when you tap into it.”

WOW Just what I need! As always, Rena! Thank you so much! Also–love BOTH Slender Ciders!! So thrilled that you had a wonderful time on your trip to Norway! XXOO Linda

    RENA GREENBERG says August 17, 2015

    Thank you so much, Linda! I’m so glad that you are benefiting from Slender Cider and the hypnosis!

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