If you’ve been trying to lose weight for a while, you’ve probably talked to all kinds of professionals on your journey. Doctors and dietitians to personal trainers and mental health coaches—each one offers its own strategies for losing weight. You might even have reached a point where you feel like nothing seems to be working for you.

We all have that phase in our weight-loss journey, and it’s in these moments that we have to learn how to persevere. Stick to your plan and stay consistent if you want to see results. However, if you’re truly at your wit’s end, there is another professional you can consider visiting—a hypnotist.

You’re probably wondering at this point if hypnosis is a viable option for weight loss. Well, let’s get into it and educate ourselves.

What is weight-loss hypnosis?

Weight-loss hypnosis can help you get rid of extra weight when paired with comprehensive diet and exercise plans. It is also complemented with counseling efforts to help you take a more holistic approach. Hypnosis doesn’t work in isolation and is dependent on all of the factors mentioned above.

What is hypnosis?

We’ve all seen the pop-culture version: a black and white spiral image moving counterclockwise; it’s in so many movies, shows, and cartoons. However, that’s a fairly reductive portrayal. Hypnosis involves achieving a state of complete and holistic concentration, where the brain is encouraged to achieve its maximum capacity for absorbing information.

It’s similar to being in a trance and is performed by a professional hypnotist or hypnotherapist, who uses repetitive affirmations and visual imagery.

Being in this state allows you to focus your attention on your motivations, so you can come out more inclined to change certain behaviors that cause weight gain.

Should you go for hypnosis?

If you’re following a strict exercise and diet regimen as prescribed by a professional but feel like you need to do more, you should really consider hypnosis. However, this doesn’t mean that you should forego your previous weight-loss plan. It means that you’re making a lifestyle change that will support your goals and motivations.

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