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Why Hypnosis is better than Medication for Stress and Anxiety

According to studies and statistics published by the WHO (World Health Organization), the prevalence of anxiety related disorders is an estimated 3.6% of the global population. This being said, in countries such as the U.S., a staggering 57.22 million individuals suffer from the same. This is clearly not a small number!

What to do about it?

Anxiety can be overcome by a number of ways, including medication, therapy and the good ol’ ‘pretend you don’t have it’ (which we surely do not recommend).

Hypnotherapy for anxiety treatment is a form of therapy that has been making waves lately.


Hypnosis or more formally known as hypnotherapy is a version of psychotherapy rooted in very real scientific statistical research. It is employed to combat a number of problems not exclusive to anxiety. These may include bariatric hypnosis programs, hypnotherapy for rage and anger and self worth hypnotherapy, to name a few!

Why not medication?

How does medication for anxiety really work?

In a nutshell, the medication taken either induces release of or mimics neurochemicals that proceed to sit on neural receptors, creating the illusion of wellbeing.

The problem here? The effect deteriorates when your medication wears off, leaving you feeling worse than you might have been to begin with. In other words, medication works pretty much the same as any other drug!

What is even more problematic is the potential for anxiety medication and related psychotropic drugs to be abused. Strict adherence to medication schedules can also cause problems.

Last but not least, with medication, you address the symptoms of your anxiety but not the cause! The cause is left largely neglected to fester. Things that fester within us are bound to come up. It is only a matter of when!

Why is Hypnotherapy Better

There are a number of reasons why stress and crippling anxiety are better addressed through hypnotherapy. More specifically, the process by which hypnotherapy addresses one’s anxiety and related issues follows a series of steps. This graduated step-by-step method allows for a more permanent and better rooted recover! Here is how.

Identification of Root Causes

The first thing hypnotherapy enables us to do is connect with material that dictates our lives from a place of unawareness. These could be repressed memories of experiences, drivers and ideas about who we are which no longer hold true, or incidents that shook us and were never processed but buried and forgotten.

Hypnotherapy allows us to identify material, both conscious and unconscious so that we may proceed to address it as it needs to be.

Finishing the Unfinished

As in many branches of psychotherapy, hypnotherapy too addresses what is known as unfinished business. Things that were crucial to our personal development that somehow got left undone.

One example is the inability to learn to be self sufficient because you were pampered and over coddled well into your twenties. Another example could be feeling that you have not been loved and cared for enough so you don’t know how to do it for yourself!

Unfinished business when identified can then be processed with the assistance of the therapist present.

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Addressing the unaddressed

We might also be disregarding other parts of our psyche. Identification through hypnotherapy also gives us the opportunity to address these bits.

Examples could be residual pain stemming from losing a loved one because we just did not cry enough (due to societal or other expectations and obligations). Often such deep unaddressed emotions when finally acknowledged result in wonderful healing.


Hypnotherapy helps us to rewire on a very deep level. At times our responses to the slightest stresses are blown out of proportion because somewhere in our lives we subconsciously decided that our over reactions were in fact the only available reaction.

Hypnotherapy enables us to replace old and redundant ways of reacting with new more productive ones.

How You See Yourself

Someone who takes medication for anxiety will always have a deep sense of dependence on the said medication. Hypnotherapy is empowering and puts you in a place where you feel more adept, strong, resilient and capable. This internal feeling of competence allows you to rectify not just troubles with your mind but also those with your body.


Hypnotherapy is a brilliant alternative to many things out there, medical anxiety treatment surely being one of them!

If you’re interested in finding out more on hypnotherapy as well as available programs, check out what we have to offer. Our very own director, Rena Greenberg is a leading practitioner in the field with years of experience and undeniable success in the field!

If you or someone you love is suffering from crippling anxiety and is on the verge of hopping on some prescription pill band wagon hold up and give us a shout! We can probably help!

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