How Social Anxiety Can Impact Your Romantic Relationships

How Social Anxiety Can Impact Your Romantic Relationships


Social anxiety disorder goes beyond the inability to handle public speaking or feeling left out in a social gathering. It has the ability to affect a person’s overall quality of life by changing it on multiple levels; from headaches and dizziness to panic attacks, depression, suicidal ideation, low productivity, loss of intimacy and feelings of shame, anxiety can have serious consequences.

One of them is the negative impact on family and romantic relationships. Based on the data provided by the Anxiety and Depression Association of America, nearly 15 million US adults suffer from social anxiety disorder.

Let’s take a look at how life is like for these 15 million people when it comes to intimacy and romance.


Studies have shown that social anxiety is directly related to difficulty in forming and maintaining new relationships. Due to a low level of trust and perceived support, the affected individuals not only have a hard time translating short encounters into long-term relationships but are also unable to meet relationship satisfaction in those brief encounters.

Long-Term Relationships

People who have social anxiety often withhold negative emotions from their long-term partners to avoid conflict and critique. A cost and benefit study of emotion expression revealed that individuals who suffer from low levels of anxiety experience relationship closeness when they express negative emotions more openly and frequently. On the other hand, people with higher social anxiety are better able to maintain their relationship when they hold back negative emotions. The discrepancies are in regards to the differences between desired and actual feelings of closeness.

This doesn’t mean that all individuals with social anxiety face the same difficulties in romantic relationships. Even the fear of losing intimacy is a lot higher for these individuals; much depends on how the partner offers their support and what conscious decisions both partners share to overcome the challenge.

Long-Term Relationships

Overcoming Social Anxiety Disorder

Understanding the underlying cause behind your deteriorating relationship can help you figure out the way forward. By avoiding negative criticism, overly mean behavior, defensiveness and stonewalling, you can take a step toward experiencing closeness and satisfaction in your relationship.

While there are several techniques to conquer social anxiety, hypnosis is one of the unconventional but highly effective methods. Hypnotherapy helps you take back control over your mind, thoughts and brain function and leads you toward a more positive and healthier lifestyle.

Even a single hypnosis session can help you overcome the aggression and overbearing thoughts you’re feeling toward your partner. So, start working with Rena Greenberg to focus better on your goals and opening lines of communication with your partner.

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