Corporate wellness programs have exploded recently and many U.S. based companies are jumping on board to normalize health and wellness related benefits for their employees. A survey by the RAND Corporation shows that more than 80% companies offer a corporate wellness benefit, especially those with over fifty employees.

The benefits of wellness programs are for both employees and organizations. A Harvard Business School report shows that most U.S based companies spent approximately $3.27 less for medical expenses for every dollar they spent on wellness programs. This includes seminars and lectures on wellness related topics such as losing weight to get healthier and quitting smoking.

If this isn’t enough to convince you to spend on wellness seminars for your employees, here are a few more reasons.

woman working on her wellness with meditation

They boost productivity in employees

Sometimes a lack of productivity in employees can occur due to low levels of serotonin which can lead to a lack of motivation. This causes employees to feel stressed, frustrated and unable to complete deadlines and meet objectives.

When employees are showing up to work but unable to deliver, it is called presenteeism. These circumstances can cost you more as an organization than health care expenses. It’s important to look into this behavior as well. Wellness seminars offer the comfort and privacy for employees to discuss and overcome some of their problems and concerns.

They help employees pursue healthy habits

Not only does this help normalize a culture of health and wellness for your employees and helps them prioritize it, it can also cut down on health risks.

Some of the most common health problems faced by employees include high blood glucose, cholesterol and blood pressure due to lack of activity. With continued pursuit of an active lifestyle to limit the risks, employees stay motivated.

Wellness seminars helps your employees know you care about their wellbeing

One of the most important aspect of spreading and emphasizing wellness education is that employees feel appreciated, and understood by you as an organization. It can boost their morale to know that the organization they work for is looking out for their long-term interests and is willing to invest in their health.

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