According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), around 39.8% adults and 18.5% youth were classified as obese in the United States back in 2016. These statistics are alarming and underline the need to incorporate healthy dietary and exercise habits in our lives. Being overweight also puts people at risk for multiple heart and respiratory diseases.

Unfortunately, there are numerous businesses around the country that have sought to take advantage of this trend by advertising and selling pseudo-weight loss products. Such products yield little to no results and often put people at risk of adverse side-effects.

For this reason, we have decided to put forward a list of safe and natural herbal drinks that assist with weight loss!

Cinnamon Tea

Blood sugar level has a considerable impact on weight gain or loss as it affects how energetic or how hungry you are—thus dictating your ability to exercise and lose weight. A balanced blood sugar level prevents people from feeling hungry all the time and forces the body to use fat as a source of energy rather than storing it.

While the benefits of cinnamon tea may be exaggerated at times, there’s no doubt as to its effectiveness to stabilize blood sugar levels.


For most adults that are working, studying, or doing both, stress is a part and parcel of life. However, constant stress is known to have detrimental effects on the body by releasing the fight-or-flight hormone known as cortisol. Cortisol affects the blood sugar levels—and by extension, body weight—and causes energy to be stored as fat.

Sage is known to have calming effects on the mind and body and making sage tea (or even adding it to your dishes) is a quick and easy way to combat stress and reduce weight.

Slender Cider

If we’re talking about herbal weight loss drinks, then including the all-natural slender cider drink is a must. It’s made up of a concentrated formula of organic apple cider vinegar blended with 11 premier organic herbs, that help to balance, cleanse, and nourish the body. Most of all, it’s proven effective in eliminating salt and sugar cravings.

The drink contains absolutely no sugar, fillers, caffeine, or alcohol and is a pure organic concentrate aimed at speeding up the weight loss process. A mixture of natural and organic ingredients helps to increase metabolism, detoxify the body, and burn fat faster.

slender cider drink

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