With everything that’s been going on with extreme weather, the economy, and world affairs, many people are feeling stressed.

Today, on 9/11, we are reminded how fragile our lives are and how precious life is. Personally, I am full of gratitude as the catastrophic hurricane that came pummeling through Florida last night, was not as devastating to many, including myself, as it could have been. I truly feel blessed to have escaped what could have been a far worse calamity.

What I had prayed for was that we could get the lessons we need to get but without the horrific event as a catalyst. I feel so grateful as this may have been exactly what many of us in Florida got. I certainly feel my heart swelling in appreciation for all that I have.

I am also so touched by the many people who reached out to me to see if we needed help through the storm. Sometimes the people who come to us to help us in our darkest hour are indeed our closest life-long friends and family.

However, I have been just as touched by the angels who always seem to show up when I need assistance, and often it’s not the people I would have expected.

I have said to my daughters many times, “You will never be alone. God always sends you angels, and you never know who they will be. When you need them the most–when you are in your darkest hour, angels will show up.”

When you think of angels, you may think I am talking about non-physical beings, and certainly you may experience the presence of loving, light energies around you.

But I’m also speaking of the people who step in to help you when you are the most vulnerable and how comforting it is to know that a powerful, loving force for goodness, always sends us this help, when we’re down on our knees and needing support the most.

Are you needing support? Even when you’re not experiencing any particular hardship, it’s likely that you could use some support day to day, in achieving your healthy living goals and feeling happy and fulfilled.

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Please comment below and let me know about your own experiences and your thoughts about what I’ve shared. I love connecting with you!!

To your Health & Happiness,

Rena Greenberg

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