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First for Women Magazine 40 pound Weight Loss

Reboot your Brain and be Suddenly Slim – This week’s Feature in First for Women Magazine

I’m so excited to be featured in this month’s First for Women Magazine for unbelievable weight loss success!  A big congratulations to my client, Linda for losing 40 pounds with my Weight Loss Hypnosis and my other lovely client, Julie, who will be featured again in March Woman’s World Magazine for her 140 pound weight loss! And the best part is these ladies have kept all their weight off. They both look and feel fabulous! “The sugar cravings are gone!” report both Julie and Linda.

Take a look at their incredible and inspiring weight loss with no diet, stories:

Linda weight loss story First


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Rena Greenberg has had the privilege over the last 25+ years to work with over 100,000 people in 75 medical centers to help them lose weight without surgery.

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