Here Are Some Effective Self-Hypnosis Tips for Weight Loss

Franz Anton Mesmer, a German physician, has been known to be the father of modern hypnosis. Although you might find flaws in the physician’s initial assertions, his ideas still seem to have survived.

Based on Sigmund Freud’s theories, our mind has been divided into three parts: the conscious, the subconscious, and the unconscious. Hypnosis targets the subconscious part of the mind and helps bring about positive life changes.

From stress relief to treatment of sleep disorders, hypnosis has proved its mettle and has gained respect in the Western medical circles.

Here are five effective self-hypnosis tips that people can employ for weight loss:

Find a Comfortable Place

The first step in practicing self-hypnosis is to find a nice, quiet place. It can be any room of the house where you will not be disturbed.

A better approach would be to practice self-hypnosis while sitting comfortably in a chair. Make sure that you are not wearing shoes and that your clothes are comfortable and loose. Also, remove contact lenses if you wear them.

Practice Deep Breathing

Self-hypnosis starts with deep breathing. Not only is it important to help you reach a trance state, it also helps you focus better on the suggestions you will give yourself.

For deep breathing, you will need to close your eyes and relax. After this, take a deep breath, hold it in for a while and then exhale. Repeat this a few times to get better at it

Use Visualization

Imagery or visualization will help you get transported to a particular situation. With all your senses at work, you might imagine staying away from beverages at your office’s next event. The more senses you can engage, the better will be the results.

Make Specific and Realistic Suggestions

This is one of the most important parts of self-hypnosis procedure. Your suggestions should be on point and practical. When it comes to losing weight, it is a process. You cannot aim to lose a dozen or so pounds in two days.

A better approach would be working on manageable goals. For instance, you might aim to quit ice cream for the next two months. This would be both specific and realistic.

Come Out of the Hypnosis State

When you finish the process, it is recommended that you come out of it slowly. As you count back from five, let your mind know that you are exiting the hypnosis state. Gradually, open your eyes and come out of the trance state.

Working in more than 75 medical centers around the country, Rena Greenberg has helped more than 200,000 people lose weight through the power of hypnosis. Her self-hypnosis programs have received incredible acclaim throughout the United States and beyond. Take a look at what some celebrities say about her.

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Rena Greenberg has had the privilege over the last 25+ years to work with over 100,000 people in 75 medical centers to help them lose weight without surgery.

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