Eating healthy doesn’t have to mean settling for a bland bowl of vegetables. There are tons of ways you can cook up a delicious low-calorie meal that will not only leave you satisfied but is also aligned with your weight loss journey.

Since the key is to keep the dinner light, we’ve rounded up some easy, nutritious, and healthy recipes for weight loss that can help you cut back on extra calories that your body doesn’t need.

1. Spinach And Chicken Soup With Fresh Pesto

This delicious appetizer has essential micro-nutrients and quick-cooking ingredients. All you need is skinless, boneless chicken breast, some canned beans, and baby spinach.

Top the blend of flavors with pesto at the end to add a touch of fresh herbs. Plus, the bite-sized chicken pieces can be seasoned with pepper and garnished with croutons to give it extra deliciousness.

2. Low-Calorie Raspberry Recipes

Make the most of raspberry season by incorporating their sweet, tart flavor in everyday meals. One cup of raspberries has only 64 calories for a whopping 8 grams of fiber. These tasty summer treats let you enjoy salads, appetizers, and even desserts without the guilt!

A delicious bowl of yogurt, raspberries, mangoes, and nuts

Avocado, Raspberry, Mango Salad

Add a tangy dressing to your salad by adding pureed berries. The creamy texture clings to the lettuce and the freshly diced mangoes, making for a mouth-watering meal.

You can even toast sliced or chopped nuts on a dry skillet and add it to your salad for an extra helping of protein that leaves you feeling full.

Who says desserts can’t be healthy? Top an intensely flavored berry pudding with light whipped cream. We love incorporating red currants, raspberries, and strawberries in our meals during the summer.

3. Black Bean Mushroom Chili

Combine earthy mushrooms with tangy tomatillos and black beans to create smoky, full-flavored chili. The meal makes for a rich and healthy supper at the end of a rushed day.

4. Butter Baked Salmon

This is the mother of all easy-to-cook healthy recipes. The salmon brings a rich source of protein to the table, and not to mention all those heart-healthy fatty acids.

Melt the butter in a pan before baking the salmon and add some roasted asparagus once the salmon is done.

Grilled salmon on a ceramic plate

Consult An Expert For Weight Loss Recipes

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