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Is Poor Sleep Causing You to Gain Weight?

The Journal of Obesity did a study that really hit home for me. They took two groups of adults –one was sleep deprived and the other had slept soundly. Researchers fed both groups a large meal, just

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One Secret to Health: Restorative Sleep with IntelliBed

When it comes to staying healthy and at your ideal weight, you’ve probably heard me talk about two obvious factors – the need to make good food choices and stay physically active. But there’s another

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4 Reasons Why Slender Cider Beats Diet Pills

With her daughter’s wedding only 6 short months away, the thought of seeing her cousin at her current weight made Beth cringe. Reading the invitation to his high school reunion, the joyful anticipation

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Is Fruit Sugar Healthy?

“I was just wondering if sugar in fruits counted. And if it doesn’t, what about cane sugar, since that’s a naturally occurring / existing sugar?” asked Caryn, after I posted my last article on

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Watch Rena on PBS

I’m so excited about the Easy Willpower 90 minute special on PBS.  During the show, you’ll learn 3 easy steps to health, happiness and freedom. Please share with your friends and family. Here

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