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Mother Daughter Tips to Get off Sugar Without a Diet

Do your kids want to rebel and eat junk food? Are you having a hard time keeping your child on a diet? What are the healthiest foods for you and your son or daughter? How can you help your adult child

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How to Make Healthy Toothpaste

Learn to make my simple, easy and healthy toothpaste and avoid commercial and toxic mouth products. Healthy living includes only putting healthy, organic ingredients into your body. My daughters absolutely

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What’s the Best Diet? Paleo or Vegan?

Are you Confused? What’s the best diet: Paleo or Vegan?  Watch my Face Book Live presentation, where I share the secret to knowing for sure which is the best eating plan for you. Take a look: Please

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Is Stevia Good?

One of the participants in 21 Days to Permanent Weight Loss asked me a great question, so here it is for all of you: Cindy says, “My cousin is a professional baker (she bakes all kinds of cakes and sweets).

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Do you have a Halloween Hangover?

Did your kids or grandkids come home with a pumpkin full of candy yesterday? How about your work place? Was it filled with sugary “treats” to the point of nausea? If you’re like most people, this

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