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Great Weight Loss Results with Rena’s Self-Hypnosis cds

“I am doing AMAZING using Rena Greenberg’s Weight Loss Bundle.  I’ve lost approximately 20+ lbs., feeling great, loving good food, no desire for junk, wooooooohoooooo.  Thank you.” –

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Jane gets to her goal weight!

Here’s part II of Jane’s amazing weight loss success story using my gastric bypass hypnosis at home program: “Amazing!  I lost 30 lb. with Rena’s gastric bypass hypnosis cds, and

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Jane loses weight with gastric bypass hypnosis cds

“I want you to know that things are working for me great! I’m 65 years old and have been struggling with food addiction since age 8. 24 pounds gone with the hypnosis gastric bypass cds! This is

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“I No Longer Want Any Sweets”

“Since my gastric bypass hypnosis with Rena, I am thinking right for the first time. Before I was eating to cope with stress and to fill myself up. Now, I only eat when I’m hungry and I don’t even

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“My Eating Has Completely Changed!”

“Since my gastric bypass hypnosis with Rena, I have lost 11 lbs. But the best part is that my blood sugar went down and my eating has completely changed. I’m not as hungry anymore and I’m walking

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