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NBC-TV features Rena Greenberg’s weight loss success

NBC-TV Tampa features Rena Greenberg’s national weight loss success with gastric bypass hypnosis. View incredible, untouched before and after photos. See Penny’s 20 lb. in one month weight

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Top 10 Myths About Hypnosis

“You are getting very sleepy.” Hypnosis has often been portrayed in the movies as a trick that the weak-minded need to be wary of. Hollywood often depicts dominating hypnotists as master manipulators.

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CNN: Julie Loses 140 lbs with Weight Loss Hypnosis

  Click the CNN  link to read the full story and see Julie’s amazing before and after pictures: CNN Julie lost 140 lbs. after coming to see me, with her mother, for weight loss hypnosis. The

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Rena on Good Morning America

Take a look at this fabulous story on Good Morning America about Rena’s client, Julie, who lost 140 lbs and kept it off! Disclaimer: Actual Results May Vary

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Using Hypnosis to Change Your Mind’s Perceptions

Do you love your life, you body, your self? Are you living your best life? Why not? What if you could change and actually uplift your level of consciousness to become a better, healthier, happier you? You

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