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Hypnotize Yourself!

Join me in learning a short self-hypnosis technique that you can use any time, any where, to quickly get centered, more peaceful and confident, and to gain clarity and calm. Click on the picture to watch

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How hypnosis and weight loss work

Hypnosis helps us to change the way we think about foods subconsciously.  Your behavior naturally changes and it doesn’t have to be a struggle.  Hypnosis also reduces your desire to over eat and

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Can I be hypnotized to lose weight?

In this video I’ll show you what hypnosis is and that everyone has the ability to be hypnotized. You are always in control when you are hypnotized but the mind is open to suggestions. Hypnosis can

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What is gastric bypass hypnosis?

Here is a video that explains why I started gastric bypass hypnosis, what you get with the program and why this is better than the traditional surgery. If you would like to sign up for the live gastric

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Was I Even Hypnotized?

For some people, hypnosis can be very dramatic. However, for others, its powerful effects may be much more subtle. When Zara left the smoking cessation seminar at Central Florida Regional Hospital in Sanford,

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