To lose weight, you need to burn more calories than you consume—it’s that simple. Weight-conscious people make it a point to eat 5–6 small-portioned, healthy meals in a day to get enough energy to function without adding inches to their waistline.

But what about everyone else? What do people do when they want to lose weight but lack the willpower and discipline to stick to a healthy lifestyle?

A new study has found that training your mind to embrace a healthy lifestyle can help you easily lose weight over a specific period.

The study involves a basic mind imagery technique that was aimed at determining the type of motivational intervention that provides the best weight loss results. Researchers compared the results of Motivational Interviewing and Functional Imagery Training (FIT).

Motivational Interviewing (MI)
Motivational Interviewing involves using counseling methods to help the subject find a positive inner voice that pushes them to changes their behavior and attitude.

Functional Imagery Training (FIT)

In Functional Imagery Training, the subject is asked to visualize themselves after the weight loss and how attaining their goals will transform their lives for the better.

FIT helps subjects set their own goals by using their image of themselves post-weight loss as motivation to help them keep going.

They can use the imagery of their ideal weight, how the transformation will look and feel, and the preferred strategy.

FIT and Weight Loss

The study showed that participants that experienced FIT lost almost 5 times more weight than the other group. In just 6 months, participants in the FIT group lost more than 4 centimeters around their waist than those in the MI group, in just 6 months

On average, people in the FIT group lost around 9 pounds, while the other group only lost 1.63 pounds. What’s more impressive is that people who underwent FIT continued to lose weight even after the study was over.

Bear in mind that the FIT wasn’t accompanied by any kind of education or advice—it has simply to do with the individual’s imagery.

FIT and Hypnosis

Hypnotherapist working with a client.

Hypnosis incorporates various techniques, including FIT. It puts people in a state of mind where they’re more open to suggestibility. The combination of affirmations and imagery helps retrain the mind, making it easier to break bad habits and embrace healthier ones.

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