Picture a smoker.

What do you see? We bet it’s a slick, thin, slender man with bags under his eyes. When most of us think of smokers, we tend to think of thin, unhealthy people. Does that mean smoking may have something to do with weight loss or weight gain?

Does Smoking Really Make You Lose Weight

Yes, it does. Several studies and pieces of research have explored this connection.

It is also believed that smoking cessation is accompanied by weight gain. The resultant weight gain is, in fact, one of the many reasons people cling on to the habit. People can gain as many as 2.5 to 5 pounds after they stop smoking.

Why Does Smoking Make You Lose Weight?

It’s fascinating, isn’t it? What’s happening is that your metabolism is being altered. There are, at any given moment, chemical and physical processes happening inside your body. These processes give you the energy you need to function on a daily basis. The faster your body burns calories, the less fat you accumulate.

Smoking directly affects your metabolism by speeding it up. Sounds like a good idea, right?

Not a Good Idea

a half-burnt cigarette


If you were starting to feel good about the fact that smoking is going to make you look thinner, stop. There are many ways to lose weight—from keto diets to intermittent fasting to eating one meal a day. All of them have been known to be problematic at some point. And smoking is the worst.

You might think that weight loss is a good thing in this case—but that’s because you aren’t cognizant of what it’s actually doing to your body.

Remember when we said it speeds up your metabolism? Well, that leads to the heart beating faster—20 beats faster in a minute—and do you know what that leads to? Heart disease.

Why Do You Gain Weight When You Stop Smoking?

When you stop smoking, your heartbeat drops, and so does your metabolism. This means your body is taking longer to burn calories.

Additionally, people who stop smoking after years of sustaining the habit also go through withdrawal. In order to cope with it, many people take up a different habit—binge eating is sometimes one of them. This dietary change also affects your body and metabolism.

How to Stop Nicotine Addiction and Lose Weight

We understand if you’re worried about gaining weight if you stop smoking. However, there are things you can do in order to keep that under check, such as:

On the other hand, if you are not a smoker, and someone has given you the terrible advice to take it up as a means to lose weight, please do not listen to them. Nicotine is as bad as obesity and can stir up health troubles for you in the future.

Once you become addicted, it’s hard to look back. Cigarettes alter your body in irreversible ways—and you don’t want that.

Looking for Weight Loss Resources?

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