Your daily routine includes things you do or don’t do that might have an adverse impact on your efforts to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Below, we have compiled a list of unhealthy habits that you need to get rid of to achieve your goal for a healthier life.

Be mindful of the fact that change does not come over night and that the process will require patience and persistence to bear fruit. However, working slowly to integrate one change at a time in your life can help you maintain your seat on the wagon to success. Let’s take a look at these unhealthy habits.

Drinking Less Water

60% of the human body consists of water. Therefore, it is not surprising that water intake is beneficial for overall physical health. When you’re properly hydrated your memory is sharp, you are active and motivated, and have a stable mood that allows you to focus better. Drinking water also keeps your skin healthy; it allows your body to release heat and cool down; it helps joints and muscles to perform better and cleans toxins from your body.

Too Much Salt

Excess sodium in the human body leads to water retention, puffiness, and weight gain. It also leads to increased risk of high blood pressure and heart disease. Salt is the basic form of flavoring used in most of our diet, but it isn’t so difficult to cut down on it. Start with replacing processed food with fresh ingredients. You can also use natural herbs for a burst of flavor and reduce the amount of salt you use while cooking. If you’re dining out every week, bring it down to once a month to avoid too much high-in-sodium restaurant food. Try Selina Natural Celtic Sea Salt for a great, healthy alternative.

Not Eating in Peace

Too many files to sort at work, “I’ll have my lunch at my desk.” Getting late for the class, “I’ll grab a donut on the way.”

We’re always in a rush, and this has the worst effect on our physical wellbeing. You need to give time to your meals – don’t rush them. Sit down in peace, chew properly, pay attention, and take your time. When you have meals without distraction it helps you stay full for longer and digest better.

Not Replacing or Sanitizing Your Kitchen Sponge

That kitchen sponge of yours might have 150 times more germs and mold than the toothbrush holder in your bathroom! If you clean your kitchen sink, counter, and refrigerator shelves regularly, but fail to disinfect your sponge – you are making no head way with the ‘healthy’ part. Make it a point to change your kitchen sponge after every two weeks. To disinfect it, microwave the wet sponge daily for about two minutes.

Following Strict Diets

You are always trying all those quick and easy weight loss formulas that promise great change in a small period of time. Quit that! Healthy weight loss is never quick and easy. It requires effort and time to bring healthy change in your body that can be maintained over time. These diets make you cut down on food and sometimes even starve yourself into a skeleton. Opt for a natural alternative – hypnotherapy!

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By: Team Easy Willpower