Work and other responsibilities can take a toll on our physical and mental well-being as we push ourselves harder and harder to gain a competitive edge. In an effort to become more productive, people can sideline their own well-being and give up personal activities such as exercising, socializing, and getting some downtime.

Unfortunately, this lifestyle is highly unsustainable, and you’re heading towards burnout. While activities such as exercise seem to be cutting into your work hours, they are actually helping you become more productive.

Here’s how:

How Exercise Increases Productivity

Exercise is known to combat fatigue, reduce stress, and improve health, which leads to fewer absences from work. The endorphins released by the brain during exercise help you stay alert and instill feelings of positivity that are essential for overall well-being. Studies show that aerobic exercise increases the area of the brain that’s responsible for memory and learning.

Exercise and work performance

It can be difficult to find time for exercise when you’re on a hectic schedule, but taking time out for a workout can actually help you work better. That’s one of the main reasons why large companies, such as Google and Nike, have in-office gyms and yoga classes for their employees.

Many ‘sit less, move more’ interventions have popped up in the corporate sector over the last few years. Standing desks and offering exercise breaks during the workday are becoming increasingly popular.

person jogging on stairs at dawn

Best Conditions for Productivity

Experts recommend 30 minutes of moderate exercise for five days every week to achieve optimal benefits. The timing also matters: it’s best to get your workout during the first half of the day to ensure alertness during the day and better sleep at night. Working out at the end of the day is also less desirable as you won’t be able to concentrate on your exercises when you’re tired.

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