Did you ever feel as if you suddenly “lost all your energy,” “gained a ton of weight” or started having “horrible digestive problems”? The truth is that these issues are simply symptoms of a bigger problem: health going in the wrong direction. Getting sick, like getting healthy, is always a process.

If we learn to listen to our bodies, we can see weight gain, stomach pains, constipation, depression or diarrhea, achiness or low energy as warning signs to start doing things differently than we have been.Drinking healthy beverage

Unfortunately, we often push ourselves or take our health for granted until it’s too late. I love the quote from Benjamin Franklin, “We never appreciate the value of water until the well runs dry.”

I speak from personal experience because I understand the scenario all too well. I was in my early twenties when I got my first warning signals. I had gained weight, I was tired all the time, and I was addicted to sugar and caffeine. When my body first told me to slow down and change my course, I didn’t want to listen. I plowed forward.

It wasn’t until I ended up in the emergency room at the age of 26 and found out that I had a near-fatal heart condition that needed to be corrected with a pacemaker, and that I was on the verge of diabetes, that I was stunned into taking action in a new direction.

I was able to turn my life around and heal myself, over time, using nutrition, including organic apple cider vinegar and herbs, healthy eating, regular self-hypnosis/meditation and lifestyle changes.

I was so excited about everything I had learned, I went on to share my healing method with over 100,000 people, by teaching them to lose weight and get healthy by making cognitive and behavioral changes.

My weight loss program has been reviewed and sponsored in over 75 hospitals and has been reported on in newspaper stories and on television by every major network, in over 100 feature stories.

After working with herbs and food to maintain health for years, two years ago I noticed that my weight was going in the wrong direction. I researched healthful options and didn’t find any supplement that I wanted to take.

While I knew the power of quality herbs, most herbal supplements on the market contained alcohol, caffeine or powdered herbs containing malto-dextrin, and I didn’t want to take anything that would risk upsetting my blood sugar or set me up for food cravings.

After much trial and error and consulting with master herbalists, I created for myself a combination of herbs in a base of organic apple cider vinegar, that I now call: Slender Cider.

The herbs were all selected for their properties of energizing, balancing, assisting in digestion and gentle cleansing. They work synergistically with the raw apple cider vinegar for greater absorption.

The organic apple cider vinegar is filled with enzymes, nutrients and anti-oxidants and has been used for centuries in Korea and all over the world to improve complexion, increase rejuvenation, to maintain a healthy weight and as an all-around health tonic.

I couldn’t believe the results! Granted I was taking a hefty dose (6 tablespoons a day!) but at the end of the first month I had dropped the 5 lbs. I had gained over the previous few months! I was thrilled because I was now back at my ideal weight.

But what astonished me was how much better I felt, inside and out. I had a nice, clear, sustained energy. I felt focused and balanced. In the past, I had to eat breakfast within 30 minutes of waking up or my blood sugar would plummet. Once I started taking Slender Cider, I had over an hour, sometimes even two hours, to exercise and do my self-hypnosis/meditation before I would get hungry. I loved the new freedom in that! I felt good and balanced throughout the day.

In the beginning I had a strong cleansing effect, and I was glad to know that toxins were being released from my system. But over time that cleansing effect diminished for me and I was just left with the energy.

In fact, sometimes the energy was so great I had to make sure not to take Slender Cider before bed. At other times, I thought that it actually helped me to sleep better – I noticed the difference tended to depend on the dose, so I no longer take more than a tablespoon after 5pm.

I was so excited by all the benefits of Slender Cider that I wanted to share it with others! I had known that Organic, raw apple cider vinegar was touted as a “miracle” food, but now mixing it with freshly brewed leaves and roots of specific herbs seemed to bring out its therapeutic properties even more.

I decided to bring Slender Cider to market.

Little did I know all that would entail. I researched bottles until I found BPA-free bottles. I studied labels and FDA Guidelines for supplements. There was lab analysis and shelf life testing to go through.

But the greatest challenge was keeping the integrity of the formula while making the taste something that the average person would like. I refused to compromise on my strong belief that the real culprit for weight gain and ill-health is sugar, in one form or another, including alcohol, sugar substitutes and caffeine, and yet I knew that Slender Cider had to taste good . . . so I set out to make that happen.

As I searched for a manufacturer, it became evident that most of the herbal products on the market are produced with alcohol or are derived from herbal powders, all of which are laced with malto-dextrin. Did you know malto-dextrin is a standard ingredient in any powdered herb or food because the malto-dextrin allows that powder to later dissolve into a liquid?

That discovery was scary to me, because I was told that you don’t even have to disclose the maltodextin on the label!

Another discovery I made was that the term “natural flavors” often listed under the Ingredients of a product could mean any type of sweetener or chemical, and again, it does not need to be disclosed.

The herbal powders and products that contain natural flavors are very inexpensive and I was highly encouraged to use them. I refused. I was not going to compromise on what I had intended to do which was to bring a healthful, natural, concentrated, slimming, energizing, balancing tea to people who want to create optimum health and well-being for themselves.

After much searching for over a year, I found an excellent manufacturer in Oregon who freshly brews the roots and leaves for Slender Cider just like you would if you were making a fresh cup of tea.

I ended up sweetening Slender Cider just a bit with pure Stevia herb. Stevia is much more costly than sugar but is absolutely worth it since it actually stabilizes blood sugar as opposed to causing the spikes and dips so familiar to consumers of sugar products.

I was determined to avoid adding alcohol or caffeine to Slender Cider and I love the energizing feeling that Slender Cider gives me even though it contains no stimulants. I added pure cherry and lemon concentrates which come in buckets straight from the farms where the fruits are grown.

After much experimenting I selected both cherry and lemon because they not only add flavor but are filled with nutrients that aid in weight loss, cleansing and balancing.

I think of Slender Cider as an all-around health tonic.

Sure, it can help you lose weight, but I now see the fat loss as just a side benefit. Drinking Slender Cider regularly improves physical health which is just as important as the cognitive and behavioral changes that I’ve been teaching to people for years to maintain emotional and spiritual health.

Kristen new Slender Cider bottleSlender Cider is the missing link that brings physical balance, as regular meditation/self-hypnosis and exercise help us to maintain our mental health and focus.

Mental, physical and emotional health come about via a series of decisions and choices that we make each and every day. Choose a healthy eating plan and an active lifestyle that works for you. Increase your self-awareness, self-forgiveness and self-love. Add Slender Cider to your daily self-care as the physical balancer that can bring it all together.

Other features of Slender Cider are that it’s only 5 calories per serving, it’s easy to take, tastes great, and it comes with a free promotional drinking bottle so you can sip on it all day long. Just add 1-2 capfuls, to taste, and for desired effect, into Slender Cider Drinking Bottle and fill with water.

It’s an honor to share Slender Cider with you! The response since I introduced Slender Cider has been overwhelming and I’m so grateful for that!

To Your Health & Happiness,

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