When you grow up in a house with overweight and obese family members, gaining weight may seem inevitable.

And while it’s true that your genes impact your weight and metabolism, that’s only one factor. Just because it’s in your genes doesn’t mean you’re definitely going to be overweight.

Here’s everything you need to know about genes and obesity:

Obesity and Genes—What’s the Relationship

Your metabolism and fat retention levels are determined by multiple genes. Scientists use genome-wide association studies, aka GWAS, to find patterns in overweight and obese individuals.

Using this method, scientists discovered the “fat mass and obesity-associated” (FTO) gene, which is commonly found in overweight and obese individuals. People with this gene are 20–30% more likely to become obese.

Since the discovery of the FTO gene, researchers have found hundreds of other genes that also impact weight, but their effects are much less significant than the FTO gene.

Fighting Genetic Obesity

Obese person on scales.

Even when you’re born with a group of genes that increase the risk of obesity, scientists claim that you can still control 30% of the factors that determine your weight.

These factors are related to your lifestyle and environment. Instead of getting anxious about your genetic makeup, use the information to ensure you’re living a healthy life.

Here some ways you can fight genetic obesity:

1. Develop Willpower

You know your family is overweight, and you may also turn out that way, but you need to put that aside and work on developing willpower.

Train your mind to stay positive and motivate yourself to make an effort to eat healthy and exercise.

Focus on changing your mindset and know that you’re in control.

2. Change What You Can

You can’t do anything about your genes, but you can make healthy decisions regarding your diet and fitness.

If you’re heavier than you should be at the moment, set a fitness goal for yourself and work toward that. Learn healthy recipes and design a diet plan for yourself. Promise yourself that you’ll get at least 150 minutes of exercise every week.

3. Work With The Experts

Sometimes switching to a healthy lifestyle requires support from experts. There are plenty of people who can help you adopt a healthy lifestyle, including fitness coaches, nutritionists, wellness practitioners and especially expert hypnotherapists, who can teach you how to use your subconscious mind to your advantage .

Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss

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