Watch Angela’s one minute video sharing her smoking cessation success 14 years after hypnosis with Rena to quit smoking:

After hypnosis, quitting smoking was easy for Angela. She said, “I never even wanted a cigarette, after just one session!” Hypnosis helps you change the way you think about cigarettes subconsciously, so you feel good about yourself as a non-smoker.

Quitting smoking can actually be easy when you change the inner programming that caused you to want to smoke in the first place. Many people think that they can’t be hypnotized, but the truth is that we are being hypnotized all the time.

When you see that good looking actor on the big screen puffing on a cigarette, subconsciously the message you are getting is that it’s cool to smoke.

With hypnosis, we’re creating a new mental movie and new associations so that you don’t even want the cigarette anymore–so it can look completely unappealing, no matter who else is smoking around you. We want to link the cigarettes to pain–not pleasure, so that you are completely turned off to cigarettes. This is how it can actually be easy to quit smoking.

The subconscious part of your mind is what controls all of your actions. And you are driven to want to seek pleasure. When a person smokes cigarettes, it’s because he or she associates happiness and comfort with the cigarettes. So even if you consciously want to quit, there’s a conflict.

Hypnosis helps to resolve that conflict by introducing into your subconscious a new image of yourself as a non-smoker as being pleasurable while turning you off to the thought of a cigarette, making it easier to follow through on what you consciously want to do.