When Alisha came to see me for Hypnosis, she had gained 20 pounds during Covid and was addicted to energy drinks, like Red Bull.  She would start her day with an “energy” drink and throughout the day she would find herself running to convenience stores to pick up another Red Bull.

She knew that it was an awful habit but felt powerless to break the addiction herself.  I could truly relate to her struggle. I had seen it first in myself before I quit my sweets and carb addiction, and in so many people I had worked with over the years, using hypnotherapy, who had come to me to lose weight.

That’s why I felt excited to help Alisha break her addiction to sweet, sugary drinks. After just four sessions, Alisha felt confident that she no longer had any need for sugar filled beverages or foods.

Because we used hypnosis, she did not end up substituting one bad addiction for another, as often happens when you just try to end an addiction.  Instead she would listen to the hypnosis audio recordings I had made for her during our live hypnosis sessions.

Alisha lost the excess weight by exercising more and being more mindful about the foods she was putting in her mouth as well as no longer putting toxic drinks into her body.

If Alisha can do it, you can too!

Reach out any time for support!

To your health & happiness,