Accomplish Your New Year’s Resolution Through Weight Loss Hypnosis

As about 40% of US adults are overweight and another 30% are obese, it is not surprising that the most common New Year’s resolution is weight loss. While diet and exercise can help with weight loss, adopting and sticking to a healthy lifestyle can be difficult. Weight loss hypnosis can be incredibly helpful to understanding unconscious barriers to weight loss and improving your chances of long-term success through the power of positive suggestion.

Your unconscious mind may believe that unhealthy habits with food and exercise are necessary to help you function. If you believe that these habits associated with being overweight are necessary, you are unlikely to change. However, weight loss hypnosis can help break down and overcome the habits that are associated with being overweight. Weight loss hypnosis can help with the following behaviors:

  • Using food to increase or decrease your emotions
  • Weight acting as a “buffer” between yourself and others
  • Indulging in high-calorie, high-fat foods to celebrate
  • Using fattening or sugary foods as rewards
  • Using foods to increase feelings of comfort
  • Rebelling against others who want you to lose weight by indulging in food

Weight loss hypnosis, combined with the proper diet and exercise, can help to improve these behaviors. Research also indicates that other weight loss and stress reduction strategies such as relaxation training, mindfulness, and cognitive behavioral therapy can greatly improve weight loss effectiveness when combined with weight loss hypnosis.

Weight loss hypnosis can change your mind and body by helping you understand the unconscious barriers that stand between you and your ideal weight. Moreover, weight loss hypnosis can improve your chances of success through a variety of types of positive suggestion such as:

  • Reframing the way that you think about eating
  • Creating an “inner ally” to help you overcome the challenges associated with changing your behaviors
  • Making healthy foods your go-to choice
  • Positive visualization of healthy foods
  • Enhancing confidence associated with making healthy choices
  • Comforting the part of you that is scared to make changes

As you prepare for the new year, weight loss may be at the top of your resolution list. Weight loss hypnosis can help you accomplish your New Year’s resolution. Weight loss hypnosis, especially with Easy Willpower by Rena Greenberg can help you address the unconscious reasons for keeping the weight on and help you to more easily shed unwanted pounds. Let Easy Willpower show you how to to stop the endless cycle of dieting. Visit Easy Willpower by Rena Greenberg at