As a hypnotherapist, you know I am a big advocate of using imagery to help you reach your goals.  Imagination + Right Action = Success

Picture This . . . .

You wake up on a Monday morning.  You get out of bed and feel lighter and more energized. You look in the mirror and smile as you see your body at your ideal weight.

You open your closet and realize, with delight, that you can now fit into your “skinny” clothes.  You select a brand new outfit in your favorite color, take off the tags and slip into your fabulous, new clothes.  You smile at your sexy image in the mirror.

You go to the fridge and mix your morning tablespoon of delicious Slender Cider with a glass of water and drink it joyfully.  You smile to yourself. You feel great and you feel the urge to move your body.

You eat whatever you want for breakfast realizing with pride and joy that since you started taking Slender Cider you just naturally eat less and prefer healthier foods. No effort . . . no struggle . . . just ease and happiness. You feel cleaner, healthier and more alive.  How simple!

You only wish that you had discovered the amazing Slender Cider formula* for weight loss, health and well-being using all natural, healthy, pure foods and premier herbs years ago . . .

To your health and happiness always,

Rena Greenberg