5 Habits to Live Healthy

Being lean may be attributed to genetics to an extent, but staying healthy and fit is clearly a matter of choice. A healthy lifestyle demands time and effort and the results are rewarding – you look good, you feel good and most importantly you are healthy!

So if you have made the choice of switching to a healthier way of life, these are 5 must-adopt habits that you shouldn’t skip out on:

#1-Cleanse Your BodyScott

The human body carries a considerable amount of toxic waste- around 4.5kgs! Your liver is regularly overloaded with sugary and fatty food toxins, which it normally struggles to get rid of. These toxins when trapped for a longer time can damage cells, adversely affect body functions and encourage diseases. How do you cleanse all that? First thing in the morning, drink a glass of warm water with a squeeze of lemon. This mini-detox can help avert many diseases.

#2-Know Your Nutrition

Don’t just count your calories; for a healthier outcome, you need to keep track of your nutrition too. Keep a balance – opt for wholesome foods that provide you with the required nutrition (including fats, and carbohydrates) and keep you satiated for longer periods. Fish, salads, nuts, eggs, and other great foods packed with tons of nourishment and deliciousness can be prepared in a variety of ways to curb your hunger in a healthy way.

#3-Sleep EarlyScott

Sleeping early ensures you are properly rested. It improves your productivity, keeps you active, improves your heart’s health, and makes sure your liver and gall bladder get ample time to do their job. Going to sleep early also helps with weight loss.

#4-Cut Down on Sugar

All things sweet may seem like a tempting idea but those glazed donuts, sodas and chocolate mousse are ticking sugar-bombs that can cause a heap of health problems for you. Osteoporosis, heart diseases, depression, headaches, and obesity are just the highlights. We’re not saying you completely shut sugar out of your life – but do take steps towards limiting your daily intake.

#5-Don’t Forget to ExerciseScott

Healthy people exercise – daily! Think of incorporating a little bit of exercise in your everyday routine. Join a gym or get off the bus two blocks early and walk your way home after work, go out for a run every morning, or go take a swim. You could join yoga classes or take up salsa dancing; the key is to flex your muscles and stay active, whichever way you choose.

If you are having trouble focusing on a healthy lifestyle, maybe you need to set an appointment with Rena Greenberg of Easy Willpower. Her weight loss hypnosis sessions are renowned for helping numerous clients attune their minds to healthier habits. Clean eating, portion control, exercising and healthy living may seem daunting compared to other quick and easy weight loss techniques, but they are definitely more natural and effective, over the long run.


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