5 Fascinating and Surprising Facts about Hypnotherapy


Pop culture clichés aside, hypnotherapy is a legitimate and well-studied adjunct treatment. It has been widely used for managing and treating conditions ranging from anxiety and stress to pain and obesity.

However, there are many myths and misconceptions about hypnosis that prevent people from trying it out for various health issues.

Here are some surprising and fascinating facts about hypnotherapy that will not only blow your mind, but will also dispel popular myths about it:

Hypnosis has been accepted as a viable medical treatment since the 1950s

Hypnosis was brought to public attention in the 18th century by Austrian physician Franz Mesmer. Some of the terminologies and theories he used are still a part of modern hypnotherapy. However, hypnotherapy was officially accepted as a form of alternative medical treatment sometime in the 1950s.

A person stays fully awake during hypnotherapy

While Hollywood’s portrayal might have you thinking differently, hypnotherapy doesn’t involve putting a person to sleep.

Hypnotism is an enhanced state of mind that allows the person to retain full control over their actions while being susceptible to suggestions.

Hypnotherapy is an effective tool for pain management

There have been many studies that have established the benefits of using hypnotherapy for pain management. Many women are now using this therapy during childbirth to experience the process without the emotional overload brought on by labor pains.


Clinical hypnosis and stage hypnosis are completely different

The first thing that pops into the mind of a person when talking about hypnosis is stage entertainment, where a hypnotist chooses a random person and makes them do hilarious and embarrassing things. Clinical hypnosis is entirely different and has strong scientific backing to prove its effectiveness. It helps people overcome various psychological and physical issues through strategic suggestions placed during an induced relaxed state of mind.

Your brain reacts differently during hypnotherapy

During hypnotherapy, the part of the brain that is aware of the surroundings and makes you curious and question everything is turned off.

Instead, the brain goes into a state of hyperawareness by being in control of everything without consciously thinking about it. This allows the brain to accept the positive suggestions without the desire to ask questions or form opinions.

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