Rena’s Gastric-Bypass Hypnosis Process

I have heard heartbreaking stories for years about people whose weight is having a serious, negative impact on their lives. Things and activities that others take for granted on a daily basis often pose a struggle for those who are overweight. Now, with COVID-19 permeating our lives, more than ever, weight and health are issues that we must address.

Many people want to overcome the obstacle that their weight has become, but don’t have a clue of where to begin. It’s so common to become discouraged after fad diets fail and popular “workouts” don’t provide the desired results. In fact,  many people who struggle with their weight have completely given up on exercise altogether.

Fortunately, I have also been blessed enough to help some of these same people change their lives. It is possible, but you must take action! That is exactly why I wanted to take the time to demystify the Gastric-Bypass Hypnosis Process for everyone. Many people consider having surgery, but this is a safer, more affordable alternative. Rather than putting your life at risk with the many complications of painful surgery, there is another way that has been proven to work!

I think that because so many people don’t really understand how Gastric-Bypass Hypnosis works, that they dismiss it as an option, to their own detriment. If you are in a situation where you know you must do something about your weight in order to live a healthier, happier life, this may be just the information you need, and I am happy because I wrote this for you!

You can change your life. You can get your health and your body back. No one can do it for you, so read up! The infographic above shares a shorter version of the information below. If you have any questions at all, please comment in the section below and I’ll be happy to respond. Don’t wait another day to make the changes you should’ve made yesterday!

Gastric-Bypass Hypnosis Process:

Step 1.) I will safely guide you into a state of relaxation ~ beyond conscious thought.

Step 2.) In the privacy of your own mind, enter into a pleasant, peaceful, deep state of hypnosis.

Step 3.) Arrive at the Medical Center. Meet your medical team ~ nurse, doctor, anesthesiologist.

Step 4.) Resting in a state of peacefulness, your stomach is made smaller ~ virtually.

Step 5.) As you are drifting and floating, the procedure is successfully completed. You go into recovery. Here, the lights are dimmer, the air is warmer and you anticipate your new life: healthy, slender and fit.

Step 6.) I flood your subconscious mind with more positive suggestions for healthy eating, confidence, being in control of your life and your habits and preferring smaller portions.

Step 7.) You wake up, feel great and notice that you’re eating less food and healthy food with no sense of deprivation, no dieting, no denial.

~ These are the 7 basic steps of my Gastric-Bypass Hypnosis Program. Ready to give it a try? Why weight? I’m here to help you take back your life! ~

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